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Reactions As Ajagurajah Warns That It’s A Taboo For Tuesday Born To Marry Friday Born



Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, also known as Prophet Ajagurajah, the Leader and Founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach and Ajagurajah Movement in Ghana, recently took to his official Instagram account to publish a message that has perplexed his followers..

A person born on Tuesday should never marry a person born on Friday, and vice versa, according to the man of God. This means that a Tuesday-born man cannot marry a Friday-born woman, and a Friday-born woman cannot marry a Tuesday-born man.

Prophet Ajagurajah did not provide a thorough explanation for why Friday and Tuesday born people are not permitted to marry. He claims it’s forbidden for anyone born on these days to settle down as husband and wife.

See his post below;

His assertion has elicited various mixed reactions from Ghanaians as they begin to wonder the kind of religious sermon he serves. It’s so uncommon that a Ghanaian religion or custom sees the marriage between a Friday born and Tuesday born as a taboo.

Some keep on asking if there is a way out, others find it extremely hilarious. Ghgossip culled some reactions below;

mharmmha wrote; Am quitting my relationship now

ajwhite392 wrote; Pls tell us why cus I’m a Friday born and I have been married to a Tuesday born

maame6852 wrote; Then all my kids will not marryooo I have 1 Tuesday and two Friday Papa

dr_will99 wrote; I think he is trying to say a Tuesday born should never get married to a Friday born. He is a Tuesday born himself and he is married. Papa, please am I right?

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