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“My Wife Discovered I Had No Legs After Our Wedding, I Expected Her To Divorce Me” – Man Narrates



A man lost his legs as a child after being caught in a bomb explosion. The doctors then amputated him, giving him prosthetics to walk. He led a miserable life as an orphan, but things got better when he found the love of his life..

A Rwandan man experienced such bitter feelings firsthand when he suffered a tragic accident that made him lose both his legs. One after the other, life kept testing him. He had nearly lost all hope when a miracle encounter changed his life.

Ndayisenga and Deborah have been married for eight months. Ndayisenga claims that he dated his wife for two years but he never told her that he had no legs. Ndayisenga’s legs were amputated when he was caught in a fire. He was left alone after the accident claimed the lives of his entire family.

There are others in his community who bully him for his disability, and he claims they have informed him that no lady will ever accept him as a husband because of this. While he was competing in a singing competition, he met his future bride. As he approached her, they formed a friendship that developed into much more.

He couldn’t tell his future wife while they were dating that his legs had been amputated because he was afraid of rejection because he had been rejected since he was a child. His wife was shocked when she discovered that her husband had no legs, but he was still her husband and she still loved him.

When it comes to her spouse, Deborah says he’s the best, and she’ll always stand by him. Instead of getting his wife to leave him, Ndayisenga was shocked when she refused to do so. That is the nicest thing that has ever happened to them, they say, after eight months of marriage.

In their interview with Afrimax, the couple shared how people tried to convince them to leave each other. Debora was advised to end her marriage, while Ndayisenga was told his wife would abandon him within a week of their marriage.

While any woman in her place would have left her husband after discovering such a secret, Debora chose to stay by Ndayisenga’s side as his life companion. She shared that after learning about his condition, she began loving him even more

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