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Just Because A Relationship Lasted Long Doesn’t Mean It’s Working – Tchidi Chikere Says As He Talks About Revenge



Filmmaker Tchidi Chikere has disclosed that just because a relationship lasted long doesn’t mean it’s working as he talks about the best way to get revenge..

Tchidi Chikere’s second marriage has ended sadly and he has allegedly found a new woman who he’s in love with but has been giving us a clue about his former relationship by sharing cryptic posts about love and relationship.

According to Tchidi Chikere, just because a relationship has lasted a long time doesn’t mean it’s working which might indirectly mean that the fact that his last 2 relationships lasted doesn’t mean it was working for them.

He also added that the best way one can have an act of revenge on another is getting yourself to a place where you no longer care about revenge and we pray and hope this is the stage he is and not ready to have revenge on anyone.

Tchidi Chekere has been sharing these cryptic posts about love and relationship and today’s own makes us understand that his relationship though lasted long doesn’t mean it was working and he has no plans of getting revenge on anyone.

screenshot below;

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