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I Made James Brown Who He Is Today – Bobrisky Brags As He Still Drags Things With Buchi



Crossdresser Bobrisky has bragged about making James Brown who he is today as he continues to drag things with Buchi showing his insecurities towards the win of James Brown..

Bobrisky got dragged on the gram after James Brown shared a video of himself as a student in the UK to seek a better life for himself and most people were proud of him for making some good use of his cross-dressing money and thinking about his future as well.

According to Bobrisky in an interview with Daddy Freeze, he made James Brown who he is today since he was once his apprentice and we all know he was a fan of his when he was trying to be a crossdresser and Bobrisky believes that made him who he is.

James Brown and Bobrisky were only together as master and apprentice for a few months and they had a misunderstanding which got them separated and that was when he started building himself and his brand making him who he is today.

James Brown believes Bobrisky didn’t make him who he is today hence has clapped back at her saying he’s now the queen of crossdresser as he has overthrown Bobrisky from the seat and stated categorically that he didn’t make him who he is today.

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