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How To Know If A Man Wants Only Sex



How To Know If He Truly Loves You or Just After Sex

There are various smart ways to tell if a man truly loves you or he is just attracted to your body.

1. Ask him why or what he loves about you: When you ask a man this simple question and you start hearing things like “I love your smile”, “I love you shape” or “your this and that”, “I love the way you bla bla bla”, that love is already attached to weak point, there are high chances he would leave if you lose those features or he stops getting those things he likes. A man’s true love is unconditional and without holdable reasons.

2. Watch how often he talks about your progress together: A man who loves you for real wants to talk about success, financial and physical success with you, he wants to talk about you guys going out of your box and out of your world to reach great heights.

3. What does he want most whenever he is around you: When he is around you and all that goes on in his head is sex upon sex, then its lust not love. Its your choice to stay or leave, if you feel you are having fun and are satisfied then feel free to stay. If every or most conversations you have is always leading to sex or flirt then he just wants to bang you for a while and move

4. Who are the people he introduced you to: If he hasn’t introduced you to his best friends or maybe one or two persons in his family then he probably is just out for the sex thing only. He is probably not interested in meeting your family too because he wants to keep the distance

5. His compliments are focused mostly on outward appearance: Its lovely when your man makes you feel good about yourself but when all the time its just compliments on your physical appearances then he is out for sex only.

6. When the sex is all about him: He just wants to take his clothes off, then just have sex, he doesn’t care about fore play, he doesn’t care about romance or exciting you with fore play.

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