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Did Adam Marry Eve Before She Got Pregnant? – Actor Uche Maduagwu Urges Women To Have Kids If Marriage Is Taking Too Long



Actor Uche Maduagwu has stated without mincing words that motherhood is more important than marriage and he gave reasons for that..

He urged single women who are still looking for a life partner or who are waiting for their partners to propose marriage to them to get pregnant and start a family because motherhood is necessary.

Uche claimed in a post on his Instagram page that Rihanna is a happy woman who is living her life because she is expecting her first kid with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. He stated that women must break the stereotype that they must first marry before becoming pregnant and having a kid.

In an Instagram post, he wrote;

Dear ladies, being a MOTHER is more important than MARRIAGE, ask yourself did Adam marry Eve before she get belle? #Marriage is over rated, we need to change the ancient narrative that women should #marry before getting belle, times have changed and realities are becoming more clearer, there would be less #DIVORCE if so many women choose belle with someone dem #LOVE before wedding, the true responsibility in a man comes out when he becomes a FATHER, if he stays, his a DAD, but if he runs like bathroom Slippers, Na wayo. #pregnancy #beautiful #instagram #mother #facebook #naija #london

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