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Reaction As Lady Shows Up At Her Ex-boyfriend’s Wedding Dressed Like The Bride



Netizens have reacted funnily to a video of a lady who supposedly went to the wedding of her ex-boyfriend dressed like the bride saying the lady is lying just to chase clout since they don’t believe it..

A Tik Tok lady in a video claimed to have shown up to the wedding of her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart 2yrs ago dressed like his bride and some netizens seem not to believe her as others think she’s just insane to not have been over her ex-boyfriend after their relationship crashed 2yrs ago.

Some netizens only warned others to believe what the lady said at their own peril since it doesn’t make any sense and it’s obvious she’s just fabricating that lie for views on Tik Tok and nothing else.

Some questioned whether the bride came to show her the outfit to her traditional wedding that she also went there with the same outfit or she only imagined that she was going to wear that and she appeared dressed exactly like that.

This doesn’t make sense if you think about it very well as it’s either the lady is going insane and not over her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart 2yrs ago or she just fabricated it for Tok Tok views as some people said.

Screenshot below;

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