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My wife’s family caught me with another girl at the bar and exposed me, but they don’t know our secret arrangement



A HUSBAND was caught with another woman at a bar by his wife’s family and exposed his “affair” at his sister-in-law’s baby shower..

The anonymous 28-year-old husband said he felt overwhelmed with all the yelling coming from his wife’s family so he just shouted out their secret to everyone.

“I have been with my wife, for four years. She comes from a very religious family and we have hidden a lot of aspects about our marriage,” he said on Reddit.

“We have some contact with them, but only see them on holidays and special occasions, like weddings or baby showers. 

“One of the biggest things they disapproved of was not having our wedding in a church. It was such a big deal so we now hide aspects of our marriage, like the fact we are going to be childfree.

“One thing the family did not know about is that she and I have had an open relationship ever since we started dating. 

“So I was meeting up with another girl at the bar a few days ago. It was going well and I didn’t notice anything strange.

“Well, today we went to her sister’s baby shower. We got there and everyone was glaring daggers at me.”

The whole thing was tense until we got to a slideshow. Her sister was showing pictures of the nursery and other baby stuff,” he continued.

“In the slide show, there was a picture of me with the girl at the bar. It wasn’t an innocent picture so I already knew everyone assumed I was cheating.

“The whole family started yelling at me and calling me a cheater. I looked at my wife for help but she just stayed quiet.

“I tried to get them to calm down but nothing worked. So I just yelled out that my wife and I have an open marriage.

“This caused everyone to start freaking out even more and we quickly left.

“While in the car, she started to yell at me about how I could tell her family that, and how this was probably going to ruin her relationship with her family.

“I was angry and said, ‘So what? You would rather make me out to be a cheater than tell the truth?’

“The argument went on for the rest of the car ride and now she won’t talk to me anymore.”

After he posted his story, a lot of the comments agreed he was in the right all along. However, some suggested giving her an ultimatum.

One person said: “I’d be giving her a choice between coming clean with her family, cutting them off, or divorce.”

Others were optimistic: “I think it’s good it happened. You’re both adults and shouldn’t have been hiding anything.

“However, your wife is a big a**hole for not only letting you be torn apart but for now being mad at you.”

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