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Meet The Oldest Surviving Conjoined Twins Who Share a Brain



Conjoined twins are identical twins in which the two embryos fail to separate completely before birth. It is thought that the condition results from incomplete splitting after the twelfth day of development. If a fertilized human egg divides into two embryos before the twelfth day, the identical twins are born normally as two separate infants..

Lori and Dori Schappell are sixty year old sisters who are conjoined twins. They are craniopagus conjoined twins who cannot be separated because they share about 30 percent of their brain tissue.

Although they share 30% of their brain matter they have very different personalities and each lives their own individual lives. Although they share an apartment, they have separate rooms, and Dori has pets whereas Lori does not. Dori eventually decided that she had suffered from a identity disorder and began to identify as male and changed her name to George and began living as a man.

They have different groups of friends and attend different churches. Lori cuts her hair short and enjoys an occasional drink whereas George has colored her hair and avoids alcohol. Lori speaks in the Pennsylvania Dutch accent of the Reading area, but George has adopted a Southern drawl from her work in country music.

While Lori is able-bodied, George has spina bifida which has caused growth retardation of her lower body and severe mobility impairment.

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The two women are therefore of very different heights. There was no wheel chair that suited George’s unique condition, because to move around, she must be raised to her sister’s height, to avoid undue strain upon Lori’s neck and back. The only thing on wheels that was the right height was a bar stool. Using this as the foundation, George designed the wheelchair that she currently uses. She sits on it while Lori pushes it so the two can move together.

Although the pair are both single, Lori has dated men and even lost her virginity at the age of 23 to her then second boyfriend. When she goes on dates George brings along books to read. Lori has had several boyfriends and was engaged to be married, but lost her partner in a motor accident.

They have done numerous TV documentaries and shows. They are currently the oldest known surviving craniopagus twins.

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