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Lady to Divorce Husband After Discovering Why He Remained A Virgin Before They Married



A woman is seriously considering severing ties with her husband after making an important discovery about the reason why he remained a virgin before they got married..

The woman said throughout their courtship leading to marriage, he never had sex with her which she interpreted as a God fearing man trying to apply God’s principle only to discover the ugly truth he’s very small down there.

Lamenting the frustration in her marriage, she wrote: “My husband is a virgin, never had s3x before and we just got married. Dated for 2 years of no s3x, but I am worried because his p3nis is too too small, I feel cheated and used, I feel he deliberately did it so I won’t see it, I hate him now.

“He can’t even use it, I practically had to teach him how to use it what to do and I am getting tired because it’s very very small, it’s just 3 months to the marriage and I am so frustrated. I want out of the marriage, because I will cheat, I am a s3x person and my ex was so big, married my husband because he was nice and God fearing, I did not know his manhood was scam.

“I can’t be married and be doing s3x toys so don’t suggest that, it’s just 3 months of the marriage and I am already frustrated, anytime he touches me I get very angry. I need help how do I manage a really small manhood like very very small.”

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