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Lady Causes Stir On Social Media After Telling People Not To Drink Alcohol Because It Is A Sin To Do So



A lady on social media has caused a stir on social media with her latest comment.
The lady is on the popular social media platform, Twitter, and according to her, no one should drink alcohol because it is a sin..

The post she made has really caused massive reactions as many people have shared their thoughts about it.

The post she made reads;

“Alcohol is sin. Whether 20% or 5% or less, just don’t drink it”

“Alcohol is sin. Whether 20% or 5% or less, just don’t drink it”

Some reactions the post got are;

@gyaigyimii – If ibi sin like Jesus go. Turn water into Jolly Juice

@_lawslaw – Give me one single Bible verse that speaks against alcohol intake. Ns3mhunu biaa na mooka.

@thesarfo1 – So what about those who use alcohol to cook? and what about eating/drinking fermented food?

@InkumRobert25 – Noah, David, Jacob, Solomon etc. etc. Jesus saf turn water into wine. All these guys worked with God direct. That one saf God no punish them.

@Henry99540684 – The Bible didn’t mention taking alcohol is a sin
Is jux the way we take it which makes it a bad thing

@Our_Lytle – Paul even told Timothy to take in hard alcohol. Sia u no Sunday school na gyimie nkoa na mo nam ekeka

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