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Tonto Dikeh Reveals What She Will Do If Anyone Bullies Her Child



Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed what she would do if anyone tries to bully her child..

The controversial actress and mother of one made this known in a recent post she made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

In the post, she indicated that recent cases about Sylvester Oromoni and Keren have been tormenting her adding that if she is being tormented this way, how much more the families of these kids.

The post she made reads;

“Dear parents train your children well, train them wellllllll because I wouldn’t tolerate a pinch if your child hurts mine. I’ll burn down your generation, I’ll make you feel my pain 100times over.. Tell your children to avoid mine”.

Some reactions the post she made got are;

ethan_alora – I just watch a movie called “IT” on Netflix and there was a bully scene were some 3 boys try to kill a their fellow student (nerd), unfortunately the nerd was able to escape with some cut on his stomach 🥺. And this Sylvester case came to my mind 💔 imagine if they had succeeded in the movie, they would have killed the boy and hide his body….. pls parents need to train their child properly 😢so the don’t become pain to others 🥺

official_rubyjayjay – God will arise and fight for their families and each and every one of us

abeniabdulrasaq – Exactly 💯 👌👌👌👂👂👂

obika_son – U be God! Who u be self go and sit down and think about ur life

denis_laphlam – Let’s go to God’s house and table everything before him. And put our faith to work.

glomadys – Don’t mind the useless parents with their cursed children who will bring nothing but sorrow to them. The law can be compromised but God can’t be compromised, the blood of that innocent child will torment them all including the school owners and everyone involved in this conspiracy. They have murdered sleep so they won’t sleep anymore🙏

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