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“I Have To Get Used To Girls Running From It” – Naira Marley Shares The Struggles Of His Big Manh00d



Famous Nigerian vocalist, Naira Marley, referred to, in actuality, as, Azeez Adeshina Fashola has taken to a well known miniature writing blog website, Twitter to dish out untold facts about his masculinity..

The vocalist who turns out to be a web sensation because of his way of life has given the portrayal that he’s having large ‘third leg’.

In his most recent tweeting binge, he utilized the amazing chance to share a portion of the battles his third faces as opposed to sharing updates of his music projects.

Taking to the bird app he wrote, “Wanna hear a joke about my d!ck?
Never mind, it’s too long.

“I have to get used to girls running from it

“Having to adjust how I sit on the toilet seat.

“Knowing that no one is gonna deepthroat my whole D!ck Crying face

“Foreplay’s a must so the pussy will open for me.

“Can’t wear shorts with no underwear

“Her: how big?
Me: imagine d big Pringles can with veins”

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