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I Got Married To My Husband Because Of His Big Third Leg But I Can’t Take It Anymore’ – Lady Cries Out



A married Nigerian woman has shared her dilemma of how intimacy with her husband has become unbearable for her due to the size of his manh00d..

The anonymous woman in a post shared on social media recorded by revealed that she took a decision to marry her husband because of his big third leg, however, she can’t take it as she claims she nearly died the last time they had intercourse.

She said she is contemplating on filing for divorce but needs advice on what to do.

“My name is Chidimma.

I am from Onitsha a very popular city in Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. I am 23 years old and currently married to a Hausa man from Adamawa state in Northern Nigeria. My parents are no more as they both died in an accident while returning Aba 5 years ago.

When my parents were alive, they always quarrelled over my dad not being man enough to satisfy my mum and I always heard my mum threatening to divorce my dad and get married to another man before the unfortunate accident took them away.

After my parent’s death, I told myself that I am going to get married to a man with manhood good enough to satisfy me so I won’t have the problems my parents had in their marriage.

I met Haruna, my husband during my service year in Adamawa and we fell in love with each other but I had no intention of getting married to him not until a day I mistakenly barged into his room without knocking and I saw him unclad.

I immediately noticed his third leg and told myself I am gonna get married to him just to keep the promise I made to myself years ago.

I and Haruna, promised ourselves not to have any form of intercourse before our marriage and we kept to it strictly. After our wedding, during our honeymoon we have our first intimacy together.

It was good but I am scared because I almost lost my life during the encounter. Please readers advice me on what to do. Should I take the divorce step my mum wanted years ago?”

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