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‘I Dumped Her After She Had 2 Abortions For Me. I’m Set To Marry Another Lady But…’



According to nairalander,.

Hello nairalanders,hope you guys days was good? please advice me on the matter on my mind.

I entered a relationship very early in my life as back as when I was still in secondary school with a girl in my area, we never had sex until wen she finsh her secondary school we started having sex,we don’t stay far from each others house so is very easy for her to come over to my house when my parents are not around.

We had sex countless time and what did you expect from people that had sex every time without protection, the girl was pregnant. As at the time she was pregnant I was already in my 200level at the university and she was still looking for admission when I heard about it I told her to keep it but she told me she can’t keep it that her parents will kill her so I gave her money to abort it which she did, we continue with our love affair but now very careful till I am about leaving for service, when going I told her I will surely keep myslef for her and she should also keep herself for me till I come that if I hear any rumor that she is dating somebody else I will just cut off the relationship so I left, after a year of service in the far east I got a job and she can’t come to my side due to distance I later came home after 1and half year, as I saw her, I observed somebody else has touch her, her breast was full of milk I ask her what happen she said nothing, I later found out that she was pregnant for another guy when I was not around and she aborted it so the milk is still in her breast I was mad within me she beg and I forgive her.

Note all through my stay during service year I never touch any lady I kept my self for her as the promise I made with her,I stayed like 2 months at home before going back to my base,has I left she told me she was pregnant for me again I was shock but told her am not ready to father a child now that she should abort it, she aborted it and we continue our relationship but I only come home once in a year.

My mind was not pure with her again so I now start giving other girl attention due to what has happen before, I now met this new girl, we attend the same Catholic, we started has friend not until I begin to pick interest in this new girl,I asked her out and she agree which make me to forget this my old babe totally, the old babe complain and I told her I am sorry I can’t continue with her again that my mind is not with her again, she begged but I told her parents I am not interested again.

My wedding with this my new babe will come up August but my conscience do judge me that i don’t treat that old girl well by leaving her. pls help, what can I do?

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