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“Go and do DNA test”- Social media users advises man after he showed a picture of his family



The days when a black man dating a white lady was extremely uncommon are long gone..

If you were a white lady in a relationship with a black guy back then, your family might even abandon you since they used to look down on and belittle black people.

However, there are many people nowadays who have married spouses of different races.

People are coming to realize that race is simply skin color, but that we are all members of the same nation.

People believe that when two people of different races marry, their kid must inherit the father’s skin color.

For example, if a black guy marries a white woman, we anticipate their child to be black, or at the very least colored. That is why there are those who are referred to as “black Americans.”

In related news, a young black man shared images of himself with his white girlfriend and their newborns.

He shared these images to show off how happy he is with his family, but others saw something else that left them perplexed and turned him into a laughingstock.

They noted that his infant is white, despite the fact that he is a black man. This photograph elicited a slew of inquiries:

See some of the stunning images below:

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