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Ghanaian Teacher Returns $1000 She Found In ‘Ghana Must Go’ Bag To Owner



A Ghanaian teacher identified as Madina Adutwumwaa Asare, popularly known as Teacher Ewuraama, has attracted the attention of folks on social media who have sung her praise..

She is a unique person who is dedicated to ensuring that students enjoy school.
Teacher Ewuraama discovered nearly GH6,000 in a Ghana Must Go bag after using her social media accounts to generate funds for the society’s forgotten and poor.

When a Ghanaian presented some belongings to be distributed to the less fortunate, she discovered $1000 in a bag, which she returned to the owner.

Teacher Ewuraama, who is recognized for her inventive style of welcoming her students to school every morning, has had a positive impact on the lives of her students.

She successfully raised GH4500 last year to pay the children’s school tuition after their parents went jobless because to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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