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From Surviving A Fatal Accident To Getting Married In A Wheelchair, The Story Of Lizzy (Photos)



As the proverb goes, ‘ Man proposes, and God disposes. ‘ I’ m sure Lizzy had no idea she’ d require a wheelchair in a thousand years..

Her adolescent dreams would be identical to those of any other adolescent. Go to school, work hard, marry, and have children. There was no room for an accident or a spinal cord damage in between, yet it happened and she is doing fine..

Lizzy O, or Elizabeth Oke- Omoraghon, is a YouTuber, blogger, mother, wife, and photographer. She was in a car accident in 2008 that changed her life forever. Her grin has never faded, despite her handicap.

Lizzy previously characterized herself as a happy adolescent with everything she wished. The accident happened on March 23, 2008, as she was on her way to nursing school in Oklahoma.

She was driving her automobile and listening to the song ” wellu wellu” by Nigerian gospel artist Sammie Okposo when her car flipped four times and landed upside down.

Lizzy claims she has no recollection of what caused the accident, and her companion who was driving in front of her claims she just saw Lizzy’ s car flip in her rearview mirror. Lizzy said she was obeying driving regulations and that the music in her car was not excessively loud.

Lizzy was taken to a neighboring Oklahoma hospital, where she endured three to four operations, but she shattered her spine, requiring her to need a wheelchair. She was then sent to a

rehabilitation clinic, where she had to relearn fundamental tasks such as eating, brushing her hair, and cleaning her teeth, all of which she knew how to perform before to the accident.

Lizzy was loved and supported by her family and friends, who were always there to cheer her up. She returned to school after less than a year.

Lizzy has been in a wheelchair for more than a decade, but that hasn’ t prevented her from looking nice and praising God for preserving her life. As a result of the deadly accident, Lizzy’ s attitude on life improved. She remarked that she understood life is fleeting and that we should be grateful to God for each day that we are given.

Genuine Love

Lizzy’ s boyfriend from Edo State, Amen Omoraghon, proposed to her in November 2015. She had known him for 8 years prior to their engagement. Amen had known Lizzy prior to the disaster and still wished to marry her thereafter.

Lizzy and Amen married in a lovely wedding in September 2016. Two years later, they had their daughter Zuri.

Lizzy’ s wheelchair isn’t getting in the way of her success. She always has a good attitude about life.

To everyone out there, remember that your life doesn’ t belong to and as such could be taken away at the snap of a finger. It would do you no good bragging about whom you are or what you have. The truth is that we are just mere sand and dust. Always be grateful to God each you wake up.

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