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Father of boy with 16 toes abandons his kid just because he thinks the kid is a curse



Sometimes, the people you expect to stand up for you during difficult times, are the people who wouldn’t think twice about abandoning you. This article is going to be based on the life story of a little boy who lost his family just because he was born differently. 

The mother of this little boy is known as Beatrice and she narrated the painful life story of her kid to Afrimax English channel. She claims she went through a hard time during pregnancy and when she finally delivered the baby, she found out that he had 16 different toes.

This is quite unusual and the doctors suggested that the legs of this baby had to be cut so they replace them with artificial ones. As a scared mother, she didn’t agree and demanded they let his legs be. 

You would expect the father of this little boy to be supportive but just when he saw his kid in the hospital, he felt scared and didn’t like what he saw. Beatrice claims her husband had to consult his family to see if they would allow him to accept that kid.

Well, they did not since they had the impression that the little boy is a curse. They advised him to walk away from the baby or else, the baby would be a curse on their family line. Like a joke, this man abandoned his wife and kid just because he had 16 different toes and strange hands..

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The woman claims people in their vicinity do not even want to come close to the boy since they think he is a wizard. She added that some of them have even given him funny names due to his physical condition.

Ladies and gentlemen, sometimes you have to be thankful for who you are because there are people out there who are going through the worst. This boy did nothing bad but people started rejecting him just because of how he was formed.

Let us not look down on others just because of how they look. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the shoes of such people and ask yourself, “how would I feel if I turned out to be that person, and people rejected me?” 

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