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“Even Though I Am Poor, I Gave The Prisoners Money Because I Have Freedom” – Hawker In Viral Video Narrates



A hawker selling water distributed some cash to the occupants of a Nigerian Correctional Service bus in Lagos traffic.
He was captured in a video with his crate of water on his head as he passed cash to at least three occupants of the bus..

The act of kidness generated massive attention on the internet space which landed the young man an interview with a journalist who questioned the reason for his action.

When he was asked why he took that action, the young man indicated that despite being poor, he had his freedom, something the prisoners don’t have.

“I gave the prisoners money out of pity, Though I am very poor and sell pure water, I still have my Freedom, I can eat whatever I want to eat and go anywhere I want to go, but the prisoners do not have that freedom,” he said.

Reacting to the video one dbrownskingurl1 wrote “This guy need to be find and helped 🥺 he must have be in their situation before and know how it feels like And no be who get dey give nah who kind”

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