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Close Friend Of Shatta Wale Exposes Him, Discloses Main Reason Why Burna Boy Bares Grudges Against The Artist



A close friend of the dancehall artist has revealed what transpired between Shatta Wale and Grammy award-winning artist Burna Boy.
Amidst the verbal beef between Shatta Wale and Burna Boy, a close friend to Shatta Wale has come out to disclose what really transpired between the two artists..

Shatta Wale and Burna Boy have been threatening each other on their social media pages and have also waged a war against each other. This commenced after Shatta Wale slammed the Nigerian community over the lack of support they give Ghanaian artists.

The friend of Shatta Wale in a video has exposed the dancehall artist saying that Shatta Wale spent Burna Boy’s money when he arrived in Ghana. He disclosed how Burna Boy brought a lot of money to Ghana before their collaboration and how Shatta Wale also slept with the girlfriend of Burna Boy.

According to the friend of Shatta Wale, the artist is not loyal to most of his friends. He disclosed that Shatta Wale has been sleeping with the girlfriends of his friends and did the same to Burna Boy hence the bitterness.

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