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Actor Okon Lagos Bemoans On Increasing Rate Of Money Rituals By Small Boys, Calls For ‘Fixing’ Of Boy-Child



Nigerian comedy actor, Imeh Okon better known as Okon Lagos has made an appeal that . Nigerians should be urged to pay attention to the education of the boy-child in bringing an end to various social vices, particularly the escalating ritual killings of young women by Yahoo boys..

Per the actor, fixing the boy-child is critical in order to combat the societal vices that are killing the country.

He wrote: “Back in the days, money ritualists were older me. Very older men. They have this look, aura and presence that when they appear, you will hear comments like ‘this one looks like a ritualist’.” he wrote.

“Today, it is different. Small, Kpingili, kekere, tiny boys are everywhere plucking off eyes and body parts from young women just to drive Benz. Sad. Fix the Boy Child please. ”

“Let’s fix the boy child and do it ASAP. It’s a shorter route to decriminalizing and putting an end to most societal vices in our fast decaying society. Let’s put a central and foundational end to all these k**lings of young girls by these Benz driving Wannabe boys. Happy Sunday

See mixed reactions gathered from his post:

drswit: Start by fixing the fake Nollywood movies you guys produce

withsez: It doesn’t work. Okon, you are part of the industry that keeps sending the wrong message about blood money. You also forgot to mention it, that it doesn’t work. It’s a fallacy and if we keep portraying blood money in our half-baked movies, the youths will keep indulging in it. It’s high time the FG stopped these films that portray blood money as being real. Nobody has been arrested cos he/she succeeded in blood money. It’s either they are arrested for murder or armed robbery.

aghosagbamu: The attention should be on the girl child. There is inherent power in women reacting to social trends and conditioning it. There’s very copious anthropological data that supports how male provenances from the primordial times to this moment, have been greatly influenced by the whims, appetites and dispositions of the females. More so, we must particularise how many young females grow up under the indoctrination that they should be commoditised to the highest bidder. Hypergamy has eaten so deep in the minds of Nigerian females, that they believe hooking up a rich dude is the best route out of poverty. In such a country like ours with one of the highest poverty indexes in the world, women are increasingly looking at maximising male attention as a means to survive. Added to that, the Nigerian grownup female today would take a thriving drug dealer or a glamorous ‘yahoo boy’ over a honest 9-5 man with a degree and a running mortgage. Educate the females from their teenage years to lust only after integrity and a traceable source of income. If a typical 23-year old Nigerian female got an iPhone 13 and a car gift from a boy who is a rumoured ritualist, SHE WILL NOT REJECT THE GIFT. This is where we are!

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