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29-year-old Nigerian man jubilates after his 71-year-old Canadian girlfriend accepted to marry him (Photos)



A 29-year-old Nigerian man has proven that age is just a number when it comes to love.

This young man has proposed marriage to his 71-year-old Canadian girlfriend who flew all the way from Canada to Nigeria just to see him in real life him for the first time after meeting on the internet 5 months ago..

Netizens have slammed the young man for choosing to marry a woman who is fit to be his grandmother but hey, love knows no boundaries.

Once they are compatible with each other and share the same life goals, I think critics should leave them alone to enjoy their newly found love life.

Some social media users have also opined that the guy doesn’t love the old woman and he’s only in to get a visa/Canadian resident permit and also spend her money.

Well, since we all can’t read minds, let’s assume the guy has positive intentions towards his “matured” girlfriend and soon-to-be wife.

Check out the photos below to know more…

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