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“You Will Die A Lonely And Painful Death” – Lady Rain Curses On Cheating Boyfriend Who Infected Her With HIV



A very embittered lady has laid curses on a man for infecting her friend with HIV.
The lady reveled in a post on Snapchat that her friend has not had any s.exual affair with any other man prior to meeting her new boyfriend who she dated for over two years and some months..

According to her, whilst her friend was dating this guy, she was faithful to her and did not cheat on him with any other guy but she tested positive after they carried out an HIV test upon an advice by the doctor.

She cursed him saying `For what you have done to my friend, may you die a lonely and painful death, you are a heartless and wicked guy and may you not know peace. You have just ruined a beautiful and genuine person life’.

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