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Things not to tell anyone about yourself



Who you share personal details about your life with is very important hence you must decide who you confine your trust in as you ride through life. The people you put your trust in can hurt you at any time and that is why you have to preserve some things about your personal life. Sharing secret and private information about your life to the wrong people can be damaging to your progress in life. You must understand that not everyone is your friend. This are 6 things you should not tell anyone about yourself;.

1) Your income; Don’t trust even your best friend with your money issues. I have seen in real life where people kill their best friend just due to the fact they know the whereabouts of his money, so don’t share your money problem with others. No matter how tempted you are, preserve this to yourself. Learn to minimize the level of your trust when it comes to the issue of money.

2) Family Problem; Everything that happens inside your family should not be shared with people outside. Some of these friends you trust might use what you tell them later towards you and this is what you need to avoid at all costs. Don’t make the mistake of sharing your family problems with even your quality friends if you want to go far in life. So many people have made this mistake and it has ruined them. Keep all family problems private to yourself.

3) Next move; Research has shown that when you communicate your dreams and plans for the future to someone, your brain will discharge dopamine ( a chemical hormone that will make you believe you have partly achieved that aim) thus decreasing your focus of pursuing it into completion. Never share your plans for the future with someone. Others can also use it against you hence avoid it.

4) I’m not good enough yet ; Never suppose yourself as you are unable to perform the following task. No one in the universe is perfect and your past doesn’t show it. Actually, your past prepares you for the critical conditions and never undervalues who you are. Believe in yourself as doing more than others think is possible and lead to your success even in company.

5) Passwords; this is meant to be confidential and you sharing your password with just anyone has put you at risk, don’t trust even your best friends with your passwords like your withdrawal pin, password to your cash, phone passwords and even email passwords. Keep them safe to yourself. Only your faithful partner is permitted to know this. Doing this with a random girlfriend is very risky.

6) Secrets of those that trusts you; This is a common habit, there are some secrets and private issues some people who trust you will tell you but don’t share these things with other people. Some people are fond of relating the secrets of other people to others and will tell them to keep it as a secret additionally but this is wrong. That person will relate it to the fourth party just the identical way you related it also

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