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Samklef Slams Shatta Wale Over ‘Tables Turning Soon’ Comment



Samklef, a music producer, has took a swipe at Shatta Wale, a Ghanaian musician, over a tweet he posted as part of his diatribe about Nigerians shining on the global stage..

Shatta Wale had gone on a rant about Nigerians not providing Nigerian singers the same exposure that Ghanaians do, according to him. He advised Nigerians to enjoy their shine on the world market in a new tweet, saying that the tables will soon flip.

He went on to say that Ghanaians will soon shine on the global stage, and that Nigerians should not grumble at that time.

The table will soon turn …. No man bigger than God !!! Ghana artiste go shine on the global market oneday … Enjoy your time .. But don’t come complaining when it’s our TIME!!

Samklef responded by saying that Shatta Wale is talented, however his ego is consuming him. If that’s what he wants, he should be polite and ask for help, he said.

The music producer went on to say that the Ghanaian singer is fighting alone and is relying on Nigeria to chase clout.

Samklef wrote;

U are talented but ur ego is consuming u. Be humble and spread love. NIGERIANS ARE NOT UR PROBLEM. Just say u need help cause he come belike say u dey use us clout. Nigerians and Ghana are one. U are alone on this ur lonely Battle.

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