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Poco You No Show Love O – Moment Burna Boy Mimics Portable While Talking to Poco Lee- Watch



Burna Boy has sprinkled dust of humour on the drama that ensued between Zazuu crooner, Portable, and popular dancer, Poco Lee..

Poco shared a video on his Instagram page where Burna Boy was seen making fun of the situation by imitating Portable’s gestures and statements when he called out the celebrity dancer.

When Burna Boy, who was in the company of male friends sighted Poco Lee from a short distance, he remarked jovially, ‘Poco you no show love o’, as he mimicked Portable’s statement.

The dancer and hype man could be heard laughing off-camera as he replied Burna saying ‘are you mad or something?’ just like Portable said to him.

Poco then clarified the situation between himself Portable by writing: “Funny how I have to accept what’s not true for peace to reign I show love oooo ❤ ❤.”

Watch the video

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