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Meet Winners Pastor Who Converted From Christianity To Islam Just Because Of This!



Meet Abioye, Winners Pastor Who Converted from Christianity to Islam just Because Of This!

Islam they say is a religion of harmony, love and thoughtfulness not just for humankind. yet additionally for every living thing. As of late endless individuals have cheerfully changed over to Islam and have discovered bliss and inward harmony..

In 2017, Ismail Haruna the ex-driver to Bishop Abioye of the acclaimed famous Living Faith Church changed over to Islam. It was a major astonishment and it got parcel of individuals talking.

Prior to leaving Christianity for Islam, Ismali Haruna was known as Nicholas Martins. He began working in Canaan Land in 2001 and labored for a very long time prior to something happened that transformed him.

“Something occurred and they said that when you state reality and a similar truth will liberate you,” Ismail said. He stated:

Ismail was the main individual who rose up and said reality however he was sacked close by two of his partners subsequent to coming clean

“They laid us off and said we should quit working in the service.”

Ismali uncovered that all others who perpetrated a similar wrongdoing held their positions subsequent to swearing with the holy book and denying the violations.

“Indeed, even today, I realize they are there; they left them there and we that said reality you can’t permitting us proceed with our work”

Upset and disillusioned, he quit going to chapel for quite a long time until he found a new line of work. He begin to look all starry eyed at the straightforward, legitimate abd God-dreading character of his new chief and euphorically grasped his religion which was Islam.

Today, Ismali practice Islam and he is exceptionally glad to be among muslims.

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