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If You Want To Marry Me, Call Me – Gospel musician Gives Her Number Out On Live Radio



Ghanaian Gospel musician, Patience Nyarko has given out her number on live radio to interested men who will like to marry her.
In an interview on Okay FM, the artist talked about her relationship status and also disclosed that she is single and ready to mingle and anyone who is interested in her should link up after she gave out her phone number on live radio..

This action from the artist came after one of her male fans sent a message during the show and asked her if she was married or in any form of relationship. She replied saying that she is single and also gave out her number to the male fan to link up because no one knows what destiny holds for them.

The host however asked Patience when she will be getting married or giving a man a chance in her life because she is gradually aging. Patience stated that it is wrong for anyone to ask women when they will get married because, in the Ghanaian culture, it is not the woman who goes for the hand in marriage of a man but the other way round.

“In the Ghanaian cultural settings, I have never heard a woman going to the house of a man to seek the hand in marriage. The man has always been the one who marries a woman. It is so wrong to ask women when they will marry because they don’t marry but they get married”, she emphasized.

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