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I Opened My Husband’s Room Early Morning Without a Knock and I Saw Him Doing This



Ever since I got married to this young man that I thought is my dream man, I never knew he has a cockroach in his cupboard. The first thing he told me when he took me to his house was, baby please on Know account will you enter this particular room. I have some of my important documents there. Please take it serious never you go around that side..

I went home and told one of my friend what the man that was about to marry me said, she told my that there is nothing wrong with that instructions. That I should better shine my eyes very well so that someone else will not take him from me, seeing fully well that he is a very rich man..

After our marriage, we started honeymoon, he loves and cares for me too much. And I love him too. As we were in our honeymoon, something came up and I noticed that he offs light at a very particular hour at night. And when I asked him, he will say that he just don’t like seeing light from that moment down till day break. I became very afraid.

From that day my spirit keeps telling me that I’m in big trouble in this house. So I started prayers on my own without involving him. Telling God to show me all the hidden thing in this man’s life. Though I know that that prayer would have been better done earlier.

So one faithful morning, I went to tell him that his break fast is ready, I searched for him everywhere, around the whole corner of the house, he was no where to be found and I can’t remember seeing him going out, So I heard to listen very well at that particular room side where he warned me never to enter. So out of curiosity to know what is happening their, especially with the sound that is coming out from there.

I opened the door and to my greatest surprise, I saw a very might snake on the bed, Fear griped me. All my body started to shake. I started calling on neighbours, so they came, some people saw it and ran back some saw it and gathered courage to even see what is going on. I almost fainted, saw it was dawn on me that my husband turns to snake every morning before going out.

This was a man I thought I knew, I never know that I wedded a snake man, please when ever you meets man that gives you conditions concerning where to enter and where not to enter in his house, better run for your life.
Please always remember this story and no how to go about it. I know that though this is fictional but am sure men of that nature do exist full time. But that those not mean that we don’t have good men.

Hope this article has thought you something? For our ladies, over inquisitive for marriage has led some to grave. Always wait for the appropriate time.

As a lady if you see this in your husband’s house what will be your reactions? If he changes to human again, will you still marry?

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