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Gym Instructor goes viral after he was recorded doing this to someone’s girlfriend (Video)



Several times, we observe gym instructors holding and caressing women under the pretext of training and assisting them in exercising their bodies..

The manner in which certain gym instructors teach the females is growing problematic, since some end up touching some areas of the ladies, which can lead to another problem. If you recall, a gym teacher was assassinated because it was suspected he was having an affair with a married lady.

A gym teacher was seen doing it again with a lady at the gym, according to a video on social media. According to the footage, the gym teacher was seen gripping a lady’s waist as they jumped in the gym together.

This elicits emotions on social media, as many questions what type of workout the gym teacher was doing. Ladies should aim to dress appropriately for the gym in order to avoid confounding the gym instructors at the gym facilities.

video below:

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