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Angry monkeys kill 250 dogs in revenge massacre after death of baby monkey



In a small Indian village, a pack of murderous monkeys have started a war with the local canines..

Around 250 dogs have been dragged to the tops of buildings and trees and dropped by a crew of raging primates that are apparently furious with the pups after they killed one of their babies, local media reported..

Locals in Maharashtra’s Beed district, about 300 miles east of Mumbai, told News 18 the monkeys have been on a quest for revenge and in the nearby Lavool village, not a single dog has survived the purge.

Villagers told the outlet the killings started about a month ago when a few dogs killed an infant monkey and since then, the moment a dog is spotted, simians are apparently snatching up the pups and dragging them somewhere high to drop them to their deaths.

In one image of the animal war, a tiny dog can be seen in the clutches of a primate near the edge of a building.

In Lavool, which has a population of about 5,000, villagers called the forest department for help dealing with the primates but when the officials came, they weren’t able to catch a single monkey, the outlet reported.

The villagers decided to take action themselves and tried to wrangle up the beasts, but the simians then turned their sights on the local men, some of whom have been injured after falling from buildings while trying to save the dogs, the outlet said.

Nearly all of the pups in the Beed district have been killed, but the monkeys still haven’t stopped and are now targeting small children en route to school, the outlet said..

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