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Former Miss World, Agbani Darego Advises A Follower Who Is Pressured Into Having Kids Because She’s 34



Former Miss World Agbani Darego has advised a follower who is being pressured into having kids because she’s 34 not to do anything because society demands it of her..

The follower not knowing what to do asked Agbani Darego how she was able to manage not being pressured into having kids after 35yrs as she’ll be 34 in a few months when she gave them the chance to ask her any question on their mind.

Agbani Darego replying to the question of the follower advised that one shouldn’t do anything because society demands it of them but rather do it for themselves in your own time and pace to enjoy it the most.

According to her, she had her first child at 35+ and kids are a blessing but only if you desire them and you have to be mentally, emotionally, and financially ready for that journey hence don’t let society pressure you into having kids when you’re not ready.

The pressure mounted on ladies above 30 to give birth especially if they are married is some time that breaks a lot of them down because some just bow to the pressure even if they are not ready to have kids and the children who are blessings turns out to be a burden to them.

screenshot below;

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