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Dowen: School Management Sends Urgent Message to Parents over death of student



Following the Dowen College student death, the school’s management has sent out an urgent message to the parents of students..

Recall that some days back, a Twitter user came on the internet to call out Dowen college regarding the death of his nephew, who was beaten and bullied by students upon his refusal to join a cult.

Following the call out because of the Dowen college student death, the school management gave a statement stating that the 12-year-old suffered injuries from playing football. However, videos showing the state of the college student before his demise circulated the internet, which prompted people to fight for justice for the deceased.

As regards this, the school’s management sent a message to parents of the school notifying them that the school has been closed for Friday and Monday while advising that it is a good time for their students to revise for their upcoming examination that would hold next week.

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