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Nigerian Man Threatens To Call Police After White Man Wanted To Give Him Kiss (Video)



A Nigerian man living in the United Kingdom flared up and threatened a white man on the streets of London after the white man offered to plant a kiss on his lips..

The Nigerian man whose name was not obtained at the time of filing this report was filmed by the unseen white man standing on the walkway by the street busily looking through her phone.

The white man approached him and called for his attention after he asked him if he can kiss him but the Nigerian became angry and threatened to get him arrested if he dares to try to kiss him.

However, little did the Nigerian man know the white man who was just pranking him as he brought outs a pack of sweets with the name “Kisses” written on it and showed it to him, but the Nigerian man did not believe him and walked away on suspicion that he may be gay.

Watch the video below;