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Nigerian Man In Sh0ck As MacBook Pro He Sent From London Turns To Baby Doll After Using Huge Money To Clear Package (Photos)



A man has had the shock of his life after discovering what he found inside a package that was delivered to him following an online purchase he made..

The man who uses the handle Stevensunflash on Twitter took to the micro-blogging platform to reveal that he bought a Macbook pro and sent it to someone whilst fulfilling all the necessary transactions in order for the item to be delivered to the receiver only for the receiver to find a baby doll inside the package.

In his words, ”I sent a MacBook Pro from London, UK to Nigeria and the receiver got a Baby Doll. Thanks @UPS_UK @UPS @UpsNigeria . You are the best!

@nigeriacustom billed me 55k for clearance. Whooping 55k to clear baby doll? Nah”

The man who lives in the UK shared photos of the items he sent and the one that was delivered to the receiver based in Nigeria.

See his tweet below;