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Man Collapses After Finding Out The Apartment He Has Been Paying 4.8m Belongs To His Jobless Wife



According to Wairimu Kimani facebook page, a man in Nairobi has been hospitalized after collapsing when he found out that apartment he has been living in and payed rent for 9 years belongs to his wife who is jobless..

The incident happened after he read an email on their home computer and found out that the apartment he payed 4.8 million monthly for 9 years belonged to his wife whom he considered a housewife.

Richard Githirwa, a 38year old man from Hurlingham in Nairobi was rushed to Nairobi Hospital and is currently receiving treatment after suffering a neurogenic shock according to doctors who have received the case.

The house hep and neighbour were the ones who rushed him to hospital since the wife was not in the house at the moment. In the meantime, he is still in hospital recieving treatment and efforts to reach the wife and get her side of the story are underway