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I Met A Girl At A Wedding, Sent Her Money To Come To My House Only For Me To Find Out This – Man Laments



Relationships aren’t guaranteed to last the rest of your life. It does not guarantee a lifetime of service. And it doesn’t always last indefinitely..

A young man used to Twitter to explain how a female he met at a wedding duped and defrauded him of his money. Last year, he said, he went to a wedding and met a girl with whom he fell in love. He approached her and exchanged contact information before they started talking.

He also expressed his admiration for her and outlined the sort of lady he desired to marry. They are both from separate states. She said that she wanted her apartment and that her husband was bothering her since she was living with her auntie. She needed to have her own apartment so she could be alone. He stated that he trusted her. Because he loved her, he believed whatever she said. She stated that she need 300,000 naira in order to obtain her flat. This is the equivalent to 5000 Ghana cedis.

They always video call, talk, and communicate, he said, and she told him she was going to his state for an interview. He was overjoyed, and he was looking forward to seeing her. She informed him she needed 50,000 naira (equal to 800 Ghana Cedis) to get her nails and hair fixed.

Her birthday was going to be on a Thursday, so he handed her 50,000 naira (equal to 800 cedis) to buy those goods.

The young man congratulated her on his WhatsApp status. He shared several photos of her on social media. He was overjoyed and wished her a happy birthday, only for his buddy to phone him and inform him that he knew the girl and that she was his girlfriend with whom he was dating.

His buddy said that he had been in a relationship with her for almost 4 years and that they had been living together for over 2 years.

He said he had enquired about her. He needed to know where he stood in his life, and he wanted to know the truth whether she had a boyfriend, but she made excuses.

He stated that he could no longer stand her and that he had blocked her.

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