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“I Am A Proof That God Is Real” – Late CEO Of Collapsed Ikoyi Building, Femi Osibona Preaching In Old Video



Femi Osibona, the late CEO of the collapsed Ikoyi skyscraper in Lagos, talked about having to know God in a throwback video.

The businessman who was discovered dead four days after the fall of a 21-story building in Ikoyi is seen preaching the gospel in a video.

“Go and learn about God; don’t let anyone deceive you. When you learn about God, you will get freedom. People are looking for mugus, People are looking for 419,” Femi Osibona said in part dressed in his Celestial Church’s garment.

Watch the video below;.

See how netizens reacted to the video;

adconpoint wrote: Typical Naija fallacy. He cut corners to build his high rise complex.. he invited prayers warriors and the house still collapsed. Prayer without good work is vanity

princessariele wrote; He went to meet God in heaven now 😂. God will ask him if he did t teach him about integrity. Yeye😂

monimones wrote; The one who is greedy for gain troubles his household, but whoever hates bribes will live.

bbnallseasonscomment2021 wrote; ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH. The whole saga is complicated.

chomxymarylynne wrote: I suspect that very building collapse was a terrorist attack, otherwise, how could it just……… Hmmm what do I know, may his soul and the others RIP🙏

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