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Davido Speaks to CNN On His Famous Birthday Donation (Watch)



Cable News Network (CNN) has gotten in touch with Nigerian superstar Davido and delved into his famous birthday donations which have helped solidify his solid brand..

In a video call put through to the singer who is holidaying in Accra, Ghana after another bout of enjoyment in Dubai days ago, the Afrobeat specialist was questioned about his recent birthday N100 million fundraising for his birthday.

The singer had accumulated a total and N201 million and added N50 million which he had distributed to foundations and orphanages home. Davido clarified that he never asked fans to donate, but he asked his friends to send him money in celebration of his birthday.

He explained that his friends were the ones sending him money first before fans joined in the challenge. On the movement of Afrobeats to the world, Davido noted that nothing is impossible to achieve.

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