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BUSTED: Pastor Caught Red-Handed Sleeping With A Policeman’s Wife (Photos)



Interestingly, luck has run out of a cheating husband who is a Pastor as he was busted for engaging in an unthinkable act with another man’s wife..

The news has since gone viral and received massive reactions from people after it was published on the internet.

In more detail, reports detailed that the said pastor was caught red-handed in bed with a policeman’s wife.

The two were caught having intercourse in the church’s mission house during broad daylight.

The workers at the mission house notice something fishy about the priest and the lady. So they trailed them and to their surprise, they caught the two in the act.

The news of the scene quickly spread and attracted an angry mob to the setting. The mob made the lady and priest to walk about in the town naked as they hooted at them and shamed the two in public.

The pastor, on the other hand, received some beatings from the mob. The scene was described as appalling by those who were present there