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Bridget, You Can’t Steal My Boyfriend, My Veejayy Is Sweet Like Tasty Tom – Lady Warns Friend (Video)



A young Ghanaian girl has called out her own friend on social media and issued a warning to her as she accuses her of trying to snatch her boyfriend despite being friends..

The unidentified lady exposed the identity of the friend as she claimed she is called Bridget and issued a strong warning to her to stay away from her boyfriend because her sweet honeypot will not allow her man to fall for Bridget.

She accused Bridget of going around sleeping with people’s husbands and boyfriends but she can’t do the same thing to her boyfriend because her vajayjay is sweet like tasty tom.

“Bridget, you can sleep with any man you want but not my boyfriend. Your stinky honeypot won’t satisfy. The only one he wants is mine which is sweet like tasty tom.” She was heard saying in the video.