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Baby born with 12cm tail



A baby has been born in Brazil with a 12cm long tail.

The unidentified Brazilian newborn had his tail removed at Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in the coastal city of Fortaleza..

This was sometime prior to January 2021, Mail Online reported.

The baby was born prematurely at 35 weeks with no complications, but initial assessment of the child revealed the tail and ball growth on the end.

Pictures published in a medical journal show how the appendage had a ball-shaped mass on the end.

Medics surgically removed the ‘chain and ball’, which was only spotted after he was born, reports Mail Online.

It is nothing unusual, the paper reported as the baby happened to be one of a handful to ever have been born with a true human tail.All babies develop an embryonic tail in the womb between four to eight weeks after gestation, but this is normally reabsorbed back into the body.

But in extremely rare cases, this doesn’t happen and the tail can continue growing.

By the time he was born, the tail had grown to 12cm, and developed a 4cm diameter ball at its tip.Doctors who examined the baby noted the tail contained no parts made of cartilage and bone, meaning it was a rare example of a true human tail.

There have only been about 40 documented cases of children being born with true, boneless, tails in history.Human ancestors, alongside our ape relatives, lost our tails when we diverged from monkeys about 20million years ago.

In some faiths and cultures, human tails are considered holy and are worshiped

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