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2Face Hails Wife, Annie Idibia As His Queen, Slams Those Bringing Her In An Issue Not Concerning Her



Legendary singer 2Face Idibia has hailed his wife Annie Idibia as his queen as he slams those dragging her in an issue not concerning her saying God will punish them all..

2Face Idibia seems angry that his wife Annie Idibia is been dragged into something she has no idea of and even though he never said what the issue is, we think it has to do with the DM his baby mama Pero got on the phone of their son.

Someone sent the young boy a DM asking him to tell his mother to stop being a homewrecker and allow Annie Idibia to enjoy her marriage and we guess that is where she got dragged into the whole situation and now 2Face Idibia has frowned against it.

He posted defending his wife Annie Idibia as he slams all those dragging her into this matter saying God will punish them all for calling his wife’s name in this issue labeling them all as idiots for dragging an innocent woman into this.

2Face Idibia might have a different reason for his post but if it actually has to do with the DM Pero got through their son, then he did the right thing by standing up for his wife and telling the whole world that she’s his queen.

2Face Idibia and Annie have their own marital issues just like every other married couple but then they are always looking out for each other and are still together strong hence he wants us to understand that Annie Idibia is his queen.

screenshot below;