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Why Men Shut Their Partners Out When They Are Going Through Stuff



Nigerian doctor Olufunmilayo has explained why most men shut their partners out when they are going through stuff instead of opening up to them..

Replying to a curious lady who asked why men shut their partners out when they’re going through stuff said because when men share problems they want solutions and not sympathy as they really need answers and not the aww ladies have been giving.

According to him, many times what a man gets when he shares his problem is mostly sympathy and unfortunately, that is essentially useless to him at that moment so he locks up himself to focus all his energy on solving his own problems.

Adding that the man stands a huge real risk of being seen as a weakling or broke nigga or not being man enough if they share their problems and share how deeply hurt they are with that and women slam men who admit their struggling so to prevent that he will shut you out.

He also touched on the fact that some partners tend to be so carrying that they even worry more than the man himself hence he has to make the tough decision of solving the problem on his own terms in his own ways.

screenshot below;

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