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Uche Ogbodo Gives Her Baby Daddy The Chance To Leave If He Wants After Claiming She Will Never Leave Him



Actress Uche Ogbodo after claiming that she will never leave her baby daddy Bobby to become a wife has given him the free ticket to leave if he wants to..

Uche Ogbodo in a question and answer session with fans claimed she will never leave her baby daddy Bobby if someone asks her to marry him but she never gave us the real reason why she will never leave her baby daddy.

Netizens commenting on her post were wondering why she said that she will never leave her baby daddy to marry anyone or become anyone’s wife and someone quizzed her what if her baby daddy Bobby decides to leave her.

The reply Uche Ogbodo gave to this question shocked most of us as she gave him the free pass to leave her the moment he decides to leave saying he can leave if he wants to and she will probably not try to stop him.

Uche Ogbodo is not willing to leave her baby daddy but has psych her mind that anything can happen hence if he decides to leave her, he can eventually leave and we think that is great as that shows she’s not dependent on her baby daddy and can move on without him.

The fact that she claims never to leave her doesn’t mean she has no idea he could wake up one day and be tired of her and decides to leave hence has made up her mind that if he decides to leave her one day, he can leave.

screenshot below;

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