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Reaction After BBNaija Cross ‘Mistakenly’ Posted His ‘Gbola’ On Snapchat (Photo)



BBNaija star Cross has got tongues wagging after he ‘mistakingly’ posted his nvde photo on Snapchat showing his cassava for reasons yet to be know and he seems not bothered about it.
A photo of him [email protected] hit the net and netizens have reacted badly to it as some people who saw the video on Snapchat thinks he intentionally did it since he was taking his bath and decided to show the world his gbola..

According to some, because endorsement and becoming influencers for brands is becoming rare, some are doing everything possible just to stay relevant and they think Cross sharing his gbola of Snapchat is just a way to trend and become relevant.

For the past few weeks it’s always been one sexual scandal and the other and today Cross decided to join the famous scandal by sharing his own [email protected] on Snapchat and it’s a pity he has to resort to that to trend if he indeed posted it himself.

There are a lot of steps to go through before posting something on Snapchat hence for someone to accept all that and post something them later come out to say it’s a mistake is hard to believe but we give him the benefit of the doubt to understand that it was a mistake.

Post below;

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