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Nigerians Attack Fayemi After He Urged NYSC Members To Fight Insecurity



Nigerians on social media have descended on Governor Kayode Fayemi after he suggested that Corps members should be given the chance to offer themselves in the fight against insecurity in the country..

Fayemi had intimated that the teaming youths engaged in the National Corps can be recruited into the army to join the fight against Boko Haram and other criminal elemenst in Nigeria since the insecurity issue is getting out of hand.

He added that corps members who are not willing to join the military services can serve in their community without pay.

His comment however did not sit well with a portion of Nigerians on social media as they bombarded him with lots of abusive words and insults for suggesting such an evil idea.

Nigerians asked him to offer his children first to exhibit the leadership by example rule.

See reactions gathered from Nigerians.

@abeesoyeh, ”I just hope all your Children would also be among the troop to fight the bandits. Wicked souls after siphoning all the funds meant for the masses, your next agenda is to start your suicide mission.”

@opeyemibanzini,” When will these folks stop treating NYSC as the panacea to all Nigeria’s problems. Can’t they just leave these graduates to face real-world post-graduation uncertainty in peace!”

@holluwaphemmy88, [email protected] one of the qualities of a good leader is leading by example. Will you be kind enough to bring one of your children just one, not two to join in beefing up security?”

@dbassboi, ”After all the sufferings in school, when it’s now time for parents to reap their labour, they should lose their sons and daughters to the hand of Bokoharam and bandits. You have children also, Mr. Fayemi, Please recruit your children to fight them.”

@Dot_E_Fresh, ”Insane. Fayemi is better than this. Sensible people like him and Fashola seem to lose their marbles when they get near the levers of power.

@adresbello, ”This is pure madness. Why don’t you lead by example by bringing your kids to join this security training grounds.”

@DopplerFilmz, ”Looking for people’s sons and daughters to kill in an avoidable war fuelled by Islamists expansionist agenda and corruption.”

@magnus_coker, ”Some suggestions to Gov. Fayemi of Ekiti State: 1. His children should be at the forefront of this security campaign.
2. He and other governors should reduce the number of DSS operatives, Police personnel, and Civil Defense personnel on their security detail.”

@O_basslet, ”APC is a curse. Fayemi wants the FG to recruit Corps Members as security personnel. Tinubu wants to recruit 50M youths into the army. Are you people okay?”

@SodiqTade, ”Osinbajo is their best choice in that party for the sake of the country if at all APC get to rig the 2023 election successfully. I can’t have Tinubu who believed in 50m battalion or Fayemi that believed Corp members should be used to beef up the country security.”

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