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My Partner And I Have Cheated On Ourselves And I Have Lost All My Trust In Him, I Don’t Know The Way Forward – Lady Confesses



A confused lady has taken to social media to seek the advice of netizens after she was caught cheating by her boyfriend..

According to her, she first found out that her boyfriend cheated on her so she decided to cheat back to pay him back in his own coin but along the line, he found out and also got mad at her..

The lady added that due to the loss of trust in the relationship, she has become emotionally drained and blackmailed in the relationship and she is now sitting on tenterhooks not knowing the decision she needs to take next.

Taking to social media, she wrote: Good evening Ma
I have a complaint… boyfriend and I have been together for close to three years; at first it was going well until he started cheating on me and when i caught him he just found a way out of the situation and I kept my cool but it turned out that last year I also cheated on him and he found out somehow and threatened to break up with me but after all that we settled but the problem is that since then he has been giving me funny attitude and when I complain he said that I caused it by cheating on him that I killed something in him.
I confronted him about doing the same and many more but all he said is that a man and woman do not compete
I really love but I am loosing it. He always makes me feel am not good enough; I practically have to beg for his attention,love ,time almost everything. I don’t demand for money rather all I ask is love
I have literally lost my self confidence and self esteem…he talks down on him; whenever we have issues he uses the opportunity to say hurtful things to me
I usually don’t take shit from men but I don’t why this is different. I have thought about ending it but I feel like I won’t be able to cope
Am a final year student; I feel emotionally drained and blackmailed. He never admits to his mistake, always making me feel like I talk too much.
I need your advise pls Ma…Am loosing my sanity
This is the first time I have found myself in this situation…help me pls
I need advice ASAP

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