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Laila Charani Unfollows Her Husband Ned Nwoko After Unfollowing Her Co-wife Regina Daniels



Billionaire Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan wife Laila Charani has unfollowed him on Instagram after she unfollowed her co-wife, Regina Daniels, amidst her birthday celebration.
It was realized earlier this morning that Laila Charani has unfollowed her co-wife Regina Daniels who she took as her younger sister when she was married into the family and now has unfollowed her husband Ned Nwoko..

Laila Charani has also disabled comments on her Instagram page after unfollowing Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko who are touring around the world for her birthday celebration and we wonder what could be the reason for her to take such a step on social media.

Ned Nwoko has been flaunting Regina Daniels going almost everywhere with her as if she’s the only wife he has and we wonder if that could be the reason as it appears Laila Charani has moved back to Morocco for the time being with reasons yet to be known.

Looking at how Laila Charani and Regina Daniels were so close a few months ago, none of us imagined they could have issues for her to unfollow her and her husband Ned Nwoko on Instagram as well as disable her comment section so no one could ask her anything.

We guess by now Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko have noticed that Laila Charani has unfollowed them both on IG and hope they solve whatever issue they have between them amicably because for someone to unfollow you that means he/she wants nothing to do with you on social media.

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